Ron Balamuth

Years of psychoanalytic practice have deepened my respect for patients resilience, and for the power of the unconscious to seek the proper healing relationships and overcome dysfunctional, traumatic patterns and experiences.
In my analytic work, I emphasize the mutual and reciprocal nature of the process, where we as a pair engage in a re-discovery of the client’s natural curiosity about themselves and others, and reaffirm their capacity to fully engage with the world as a place that can be safe, healing, and exciting.

I firmly believe that psychoanalysis is a highly effective form of psychotherapy, and my training and practice reflect my roots in both classical and Relational-Interpersonal psychoanalysis. I am a graduate of the New York University Post-Doctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. I have been shaped by the “relational” revolution in psychoanalysis and studied with its main leaders, Drs. Emmanuel Ghent, Stephen Mitchell, Adrienne Harris, Jessica Benjamin and Lewis Aron.