Autism & Sensory Processing


Ron Balamuth

I began my work with Children who suffer from Autism many years ago, and I trained as an Applied Behavior Analyst while still an undergraduate student. In 1984 I met Dr. Stanley Greenspan, the originator of Floortime/DIR, and was fortunate to train and than teach the method with him and with Dr. Serena Wieder both nationally and internationally. My approach incorporates a broad expertise of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Within the Floortime/DIR approach we integrate challenges in developing spontaneity, intimacy and flexibility in relating and communicating. sensory processing disorders, motor and motor planning challenges, , emotional, and cognitive levels, and capacities for building warm, flexible, and intimate caregiving relationships. Particularly with young children, treatment for Autism relies heavily on the family’s participation in sessions. In my cozy playroom, together we follow the child’s lead; as the child becomes more comfortable with the setting, I encourage the parent to support and challenge the child to become better regulated, attentive, and present. In addition, issues of self-absorption, rigidity, tantruming, and language and cognitive weaknesses are addressed in the context of relaxed, reciprocal play. As part of my work with the family, I work closely with the school and all other professionals serving the family, such as pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language therapists, and educators.